Job Detail

Public Relations Manager


Job Type
  • Full time
Job Description
  • Understand corporate business strategy, to create local or regional business ecosystem for the responsible country or area for business environment improvement.
  • Develop office's public relations operation mechanism to ensure that public relations business functions run normally.
  • Establish good communication channels and relationships with the country's relevant government agencies, industry associations, societies and the media. Guarantee, support and promote the development of the local rep office and operation.
  • Manage local or regional key PR events, and establish the favorable public image of the company and brand; mitigate and eliminate health crisis, ensure the rep office's business development.
  • Establish good contact with the Chinese embassy, and ensure the support of the embassy for rep offices.
  • Be able to independently plan and organize local PR and media activities.
  • Bachelor degree or above, Chinese/English/or electrical technology major is preferred.
  • More than 5 years in Myanmar media or other countries or PR company related working experience preferred, overseas study and work experience is preferred.
  • Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and is capable of being used as a working language. Familiar with Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and able to internal communication and accessibility.
  • Sensitive to Myanmar national economic and political, strategic thinking.
  • Have good business reception, PR and media activities operation experience.
  • Have strong customer relationship development, communication, and organization skills.
  • Understand the traditional media and new media operation mode, know how to deal with the media.
  • With strong organizational coordination and communication ability, good team spirit and high sense of responsibility and good service consciousness.
  • Capable of writing news release.
  • Good writing, with a strong ability to summarize.
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Company Info
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