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Sr Research Manager


Job Type
  • Full time
Job Description

Business Insight Department has been established in 2007 and primarily conducts research projects for [MNC’s and international agencies such as feasibility studies, market assessments and market entry strategies etc.] The environment of business research is very promising and market is growing at an exponential rate. There is a need for an eligible person who will be deputy to the Research Director of Research Services in further developing Business Insight to meet the market growth.

The Business Insight Sr Research Manager (“SRM”) is responsible for ensuring and continuously developing the quality of the BI project output under the guidance and with the support of the Research Director.  The SRM works closely with BI Managers for a full range of activities which ensure the operational effectiveness and output excellence of the business and industrial research projects of the Business Insight Department. He will also design and document workflow and provide appropriate support that will improve operational effectiveness. 


1. Initially be responsible for quality of customized business and industrial reports- product development, then increasingly take-on project leadership and client service

2. To take the initiative in creating client network in view of contributing to active project acquisition especially for new project areas and new clients.

3. To be responsible to meet BI Quarterly/annual financial target

4. Train and develop resources to increase team capabilities in report writing and presentation (incl. internal training, hiring of adequate interns or full time resources)

5. To provide support to BI team and ensure high levels of confident and motivation

6. To assist Director in  development of business plan for BI and in staff development initiatives

Project Consultation

1. To support BI department for quality of customized reports and presentations, analysis and value-added of the draft reports.

2. Preparation of research proposals with RM/managers/Research Analysts 

3. Works directly with Director/Research Manager/Project managers to understand project management -concept, client objectives, approach and process.

4. Perform project management for assigned projects from research design to survey tool preparation, research plan, data collection, data processing, analysis, interpretation, and report preparation and presentation 

5. To conduct training for BI staff in research related subjects

6. Lead in recurring reports 

7. Network with business clients to develop viable and profitable projects

8. Increase and maintain visibility of MMRD in research and consulting market players with proactive activities rather than client-led 


Proactively develop with the identification of training and development requirements of the Business Insight Department. Presents findings, and works smoothly with BI staff and other personnel to design and implement training and development initiatives that will continuously upgrade the skills and capabilities of personnel in BI and project staff. 

Other Duties

Other duties as assigned by Management. JTF (job task form), WIP (work in progress) system and trimester review and work plan for managers 

1,000,000 MMK ++
Job Location
Mingalar Taung Nyunt
Job Allowances
Company Info

At MMRD we are proud to support Myanmar Business since 1992. We strive to be the best information provider and enable local SME’s, global businesses and social organisations in Myanmar. 

 What we do
     We help businesses and organizations to connect with their audience through print and digital Directories (yellow pages), and to better understand their environment through Research Services. 
     As the country opens up, a key issues for both foreign and local organizations is the lack of readily-available and reliable data. Since 1992 our teams have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and data on Myanmar through thousands of interviews, focus groups or surveys across all major industries and communities.  

 Our Team
   With 650 staff based in 28 cities in Myanmar, MMRD has unrivaled capabilities when it comes to data collection, processing and analysis in order to provide our clients with unique insights on Myanmar business and social environment.

 Our organization
• Publication Services: Yellow Pages, Business Directories & Industry Guides, Magazines
• Research Services: Consumer Insight (through our JV with Nielsen, Nielsen MMRD), Business Insight and Social Insight
• Affiliated Agencies: Executive Search and Recruitment (CDC), Video and audio production for the advertising industry (Visual Impact / Sound Impact) and Trading (Direct 2 U)

 Our clients:
   Over 120,000 companies are listed in our Directories and thousands of them advertise with us every day, through both print and digital products. Over the last ten years, our Research Services teams have served more than 200 local and international organizations, across a wide range of sectors and communities.