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Web Front-end Developer

Proapps Solution Pte Ltd

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  • Full time
Job Description

Requirements: The candidate should have at least 4-5 years of web front-end development experience with exposure to many different types of projects. The skills required are as follows:
•Must Have
1.Bootstrap 3/4
4.Javascript – Jquery 3
5.Structuring of CSS, Javascript, and other external files into reusable components
6.XSS (Cross-site scripting) understanding and implementation
7.Font Awesome, Google Web Fonts, Glyphicons (Usage & Implementation)
8.The website that load data on demand (standard Get and Post when requiring data) 9.Cookie/Session-based Authorization
10.OAuth Authorization
12.Able to implement all functions/features with full support for IE11 and above 13.AugularJS/KnockoutJS or other frameworks that do good design patterns (MVC or MVVM)
14.Able to customize existing JS Control even if control is not open for modification 15.Responsive design implementation
•Should Have
1.Lazy loading implementation
2.Infinite scrolling implementation
3.Maps integration (Google Maps, OneMap)
4.The website that load full data into local database
5.TinyMCE implementation (We are starting to see more projects needing it)
6.Keen to constantly learn and update to the latest web technology (Web Development is constantly moving faster and faster to keep up to Native Mobile in terms of supporting hardware, protocols, media support)
•Good to Have
1.Able to implement all functions/features with full support for IE9 and above (Clients in banking wants website to even run on IE9)
4.React Native
5.Single Page Web App
6.Localization and Globalization
7.Video Codec supported for HTML5 player
8.Web Sockets/SignalR
9.Able to custom build a JS Control from scratch fresh graduate are welcome to apply for junior position

1,000,000 MMK ++
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North Okkalapa
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